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        PT4404 is a low dropout current regulator with an adjustable constant sink current sink of up to 350mA. The dropout voltage at 350mA is typically 110mVwith the quiescent current of only 100mA. The enable pin is used to shutdown the chip or control the LED brightness with a PWM signal.
        The built-in thermal shutdown protection shuts down the chip when the chip temperature exceeds 150oC. An external resistor can be used to set the output current level. The PT4404 is packaged with SOT-89-5.
﹡Supply voltage range: 2.7V-5.5V
﹡Current sink set by external resistor
﹡110mV Low Dropout voltage for 350mA current output
﹡100uA quiescent current
﹡0.1uA shutdown current
﹡Built-in thermal shutdown protection
﹡SOT-89-5 Package
﹡Power LED Driver
﹡Constant current sink
>>> PT4404 Data Sheet:
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