FP1451--Dual PWM Step-Down DC/DC with SCP/DTC
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﹡Fixed Reference Voltage: 2.5V
﹡Reference Voltage Precision: 2% (FP1451)
﹡Output sink current up to 100mA
﹡Low quiescent supply current
﹡Wide operating voltage range: 3.6~40V
﹡Variable dead-time control (DTC)
﹡UVLO protection function PDIP 16
﹡SCP protection function
﹡Oscillator Frequency: Max. 500KHz
﹡Package: SOP16 / PDIP16

﹡DC/DC converters for video cameras and TFT LCD monitor
﹡Back light CCFL inverter.

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>>> FP1451 Application Note: PDF 
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